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14th December, 2021

Benefits of Installing Home Alarm Systems

Five young men intruded a Thomastown townhouse while the residents of the house slept upstairs. The thieves stole a Ford Territory and Audi A4 sedan before coming back for more.HardeepSangha whose Ford was taken saw when the thieves returned in the Audi about an hour later. It is believed the thieves were planning to steal the family’s Ford Ranger and Audi Q7 as they have taken the keys earlier from inside the house. According to Mr. Sangha, the thieves accelerated the car when they opened the door to come out.

Aunty Kamaljeet Kaur, the owner of the Ford, said that she doesn’t care about her cars. She’s worried about her family as they’re the most important thing in a person’s life. Aside from the car keys, the keys to their tiling business and home were also taken during the break-in. This case should be enough to convince you to implement proper security measures in your home. Installing a home alarm system is one of the best ways to protect your property and family.

You can choose from wireless and wired home alarm systems. Wireless alarm systems can be installed anytime, while the wired ones are usually installed while building a new home. Since wireless alarm systems don’t have wires, they’re easier to install. If you realized you need a security system after the completion of your home’s construction, a wireless system is an ideal option for you. Modern wireless home alarm systems are more sophisticated than their earlier versions as they have more features but expect that their cost will be higher as well.

Features of Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems usually have sensors, an alarm bell box, wireless sensor devices and a control panel. The sensors are attached to door and window frames in your home and produce an alarm when the windows or doors are opened. When the circuit is breached, a radio signal is sent to the control unit.

Alarm bells are loud sirens that usually sound for twenty minutes when set off, serving as a deterrent to criminals and thieves. Install an alarm that’s loud enough to warn you and deter burglars. One that produces over 95 decibels is ideal. Depending on its features, your home alarm system may also contact the fire and police departments in your area. Motion detector systems can detect movement inside your property, so you’ll be alerted when there’s an intruder in your home.

The control panel receives signals from the sensor devices and produces the alarm. It runs on battery and is capable of dialling the contact number of your security company or neighbour. Your alarm system may have a panic button as well that’s tactically placed to set off an alarm when there’s a security breach in your property. It is manually operated and can support the alarm system. The panic button can function even when the alarm system isn’t armed. Some alarm systems have a repeater unit that can improve the transmission range to defend outhouses.


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