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Security System Maintenance

14th December, 2021

Why You Should Install CCTV Systems

Implementing home security measures is a must. In Melbourne, security cameras caught a group of thugs invading a property in broad daylight. A young man wearing a basketball jersey knocked on the front door of Rakesh and Monica Raizada’s house. When nobody answered, he disappeared and returned 5 minutes later with his 2 accomplices. The trio had screwdrivers with them but chose to break down the door through a running jump kick. Within 5 minutes, the group stole gold jewellery and the keys to the couple’s Audi that was parked in their driveway. Mr. Rakesh shared that his wife was devastated as her possessions were stolen and most likely sold for cash.

This case only shows that protecting our homes is very important and there are various ways to do so. One, you can install CCTV systems to deter criminals and provide evidence in court. CCTVs are a video monitoring system that’s based on tactically positioned video cameras that capture local footage. It can record videos for future viewing or be used for real-time monitoring of the property. Today, CCTV systems have become a very important element in the monitoring and security of business premises, residential properties, schools and governments.

How CCTV Systems Can Help

Installing CCTVs has become necessary for homeowners due to the rapid increase of vandalism, burglary and trespassing incidents. Installing CCTVs on your property will allow you to monitor all the activities that are happening in your home. Even if you often leave your home due to work, you can install CCTVs for your peace of mind. Installing CCTV systems at the main entrance of your home will help you see who is at the door, so you can avoid opening the door for unknown individuals.

CCTV footage can also serve as judicial evidence. While it is true that CCTV systems can be used to deter crime and monitor the activities taking place on your property, CTTV footage can help the police investigate domestic and criminal cases. Seeing a CCTV installed in your home also develops a feeling of uncertainty in the criminal. Images recorded by the cameras can serve as evidence to convict the offender in court. CCTVs cameras don’t go on leave and work 24/7, so you don’t need to worry about their dependability.

Moreover, CCTV systems are now offered at more affordable prices. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank if you are planning to install a CCTV camera in your home or business premises. Many CCTV manufacturers have made developments in the security and surveillance industry, so they can provide round the clock security to their clients. Just keep in mind that you still need to abide by the privacy laws when installing a CCTV system. You have to make sure that your CCTV system isn’t pointed at public properties, public spaces and other peoples homes. Use CCTV systems properly and responsibly and you will surely benefit from the protection and convenience that it offers.

Security System Maintenance

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Quote to install new digital antenna with mount and fit new splitter in the roof space if needed and to install.