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Interactive Security

Knowing that you have full control of your business security when you are not around bringing a lot of peace of mind to business owners. At Mr. Alarms we have the perfect solution for you, our interactive security systems allow you to monitor and control your premises remotely via a mobile device.

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Interactive Security

Depending on the system you select, you have the ability to arm or disarm alarms; lock or unlock doors and windows, and even view activity in real-time via remote surveillance of CCTV cameras.

If you want to make your commercial security tighter, we offer a wide range of commercial interactive systems that you can choose from. These commercial interactive systems serve as popular add-on features even to existing business security systems (provided the existing technology is compatible). Such commercial interactive systems can immediately notify you of any breach of secured areas.


Access Control

You can now go beyond just allowing authorized personnel in and out of your business premises. If there are sensitive areas within your premises such as the manager’s office or a data centre that need special access rules depending on the time of day (or a certain situation). Our systems allow the creation of specific access rules that enable access for certain periods etc.

With commercial interactive systems, you would have remote access to your system through your desktop computer or mobile device 24×7. Whether you are at home or on vacation, you will always have the peace of mind that your employees and business are safe and protected.

Live System Updates

You can check alarm status updates from smart devices. There are live alerts so that you will be updated on your business’ security wherever you are 24/7 and access notifications and reporting.

Quality Assurance

We at Mr. Alarms work hard to ensure a high quality of workmanship and customer service. Our Client Care Team associates will be in touch with you periodically to ensure the system we deploy at your location is working optimally and that you are happy with everything. If required we can also schedule regular maintenance visits, our technicians can conduct a routine inspection, and test your security system according to industry standards to ensure everything is operating optimally.

Why Choose Mr. Alarms for Your Interactive Security System?

With the technology of Mr. Alarms’ commercial interactive systems, there is no need for you to replay the tape for hours to search for certain incidents. You can simply enter time and date, apply a mouse pointer to any timeline on the screen monitor, or just search for an activity in a specific area.

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