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Intrusion Detection Alarms

Security at your commercial premises is an extremely important concern. Being aware of trespassers at all times is a necessity. With Mr Alarms’ Intrusion Detection Alarms, checking unwanted movement is much simpler!


Intrusion Detection Alarms

Aside from marketing your services, improving your sales, and enhancing employee efficiency, businesses cannot overlook the importance of commercial security.


The commercial intrusion detection systems from the company have easy to deploy sirens that are sturdy, weatherproof and LOUD. Our range includes sirens loud enough to disorient intruders or alert security. We also have discreet silent alarms that will alert the response team without the intruder being aware that their activity has been detected.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to competitors, we offer commercial intrusion detection alarms that do not require extensive maintenance. Whether you have a hectic schedule or a limited budget, we ensure you have an easy to manage the scalable system.

Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to quality performance, we ensure the system we recommend or install suits the aesthetic of your commercial property.

Our range of products provides you with options to suit the style and décor of your premises. Whatever the indoor design of your establishment, you can select the best fit.

Why Mr. Alarms?

We rise to meet the varying demands and needs of a diverse pool of clients. Our commitment is to provide durable and effective performance through our security and alarm systems. Call us on 13 11 49 for more information.

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