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Smart Locks

Are you searching for an effective way to enhance the security of your home? You must consider a switch to smart locks.


Smart Locks

Lots of homeowners are working diligently to change their home into a futuristic environment, as they are striving for a more state-of-the-art and modern style. One of the perfect ways to start is to opt for a smart lock. Here at Mr. Alarms, we will help you set up and install the right smart locks system that suits your need.

Not having the freedom to control what is going in your home while you’re away at work could be very troublesome for you. This concern will become a thing of the past when your home is changed into a smart home. Many people tend to be not familiar with this term. That is why it’s essential to inform yourself of this automation technology.


Effortless Access

Have you ever been away for a long vacation and you had to deal with a frustrating occurrence in your home; however, was not able to fix the problem because you can’t let someone access your residence? This occurs many times than you can imagine since many people work outside the country, which they reside in. You shouldn’t be discouraged by these infrequent occurrences, nor must be obliged to look for another employment option. As an alternative, you must invest in a smart lock. Our lock provides peace of mind and so much convenience because it enables you to create an E-key that can be delivered to any inbox in a matter of seconds. When the recipient gets the E-key, they’ll be able to acquire instant access to your home.


Bluetooth Capabilities

The majority of electronic devices are being armed with Bluetooth chips. This kind of technology enables Bluetooth devices to communicate with each other. Apart from that, the smart lock is armed with a Bluetooth chip so it could communicate with your Android and iOS devices. The Bluetooth range will depend on one device to another; however, with our smart lock, you’ll find the range to be somewhere around 40 to 60 feet. Most smart locks at present are equipped with an Auto Unlock feature that means once the source device is in the Bluetooth range, the smart lock will unlock the door automatically. This is excellent technology, which can’t be overlooked since it provides the homeowner easy access to their residence.

There’s a new home hero in town.

Quote to install new digital antenna with mount and fit new splitter in the roof space if needed and to install.