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CCTV and Recorder Packages

Do you need CCTV and recorder packages for your residential property?

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CCTV and Recorder Packages

We can offer you a range of packages that are not only affordable but high quality as well. Regardless of whether you have a small or big home, we know that you want to ensure you and your loved one’s are safe at all times. We can provide you with a package that suits your needs.

After all, we are aware of the fact that every household is in need of a different set and type of security products. So, we give you the privilege to choose the one that you think is custom fit to your requirements. As a matter of fact, we have 4 8, 12 and even 16 channel packages in store for you.

Quality Recording Day and Night

Crimes often occur at night and during times when you least expect. This makes it imperative to have quality recording day and night. Choose among the CCTV and recorder packages that we have and be rest assured that it can capture quality images and recordings no matter how dark the surrounding may get.

Help and Support

Even after the installation of the system, we are still here to provide help and support when you need it. If you encounter a problem with the CCTV and recorder packages that we have supplied and installed, simply give us a call, email us, or contact us through our website. Our support team will be happy to help with your queries.

Complete Security

As a homeowner, we understand your desire to secure your home inside and out. We can provide a package that includes recorders, sensors, and CCTV cameras that you can place indoors or outdoors. If you are looking for cost-effective solutions for your home security needs, then Mr. Alarms’ CCTV and recorder packages are ideally suited and we guarantee product quality.

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Quote to install new digital antenna with mount and fit new splitter in the roof space if needed and to install.